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Chapter 3

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 Chapter Three


Moctor quickly realized if he had any chance of getting out of the creaky house in one piece, with The Book in hand, he better befriend Amarilla Honeswill, and fast.  How was he going to convince her to let him have The Book of All Things?  Or at the very least, simply show him The Book.  All of grandfather's training never prepared him for dealing with a ghost.  How in the world was he to get The Book away from a ghost? 


Clearly, Amarilla was quite amused by Moctor's admission.  She tried to stop laughing, but snorted then chortled aloud.  Moctor took advantage of Amarilla's distraction and looked at his watch.  He calculated the gang would wait another 20 minutes for him.  If he didn't show up, three would come inside to look for Moctor.  The other two would go find Jericho Hornbuckle.  A blinding flash of lightning erased any hope of his three friends crossing the roof to come to his aid.


"OK, do you want the good news or the bad news first?" Amirilla asked.

Moctor shrugged. "How about the bad news." Might as well get that out of the way.

"OK, the bad news," Amarilla said. "You're never going to get The Book."

"That is bad news," Moctor replied. "So what's the good news?"

Amarilla reached into her pocket. "You're never going to get the book, but I am going to give you this."


 Moctor frowned as he snatched the paper from her hand. "I'll get the book too."


He unfolded the note and read it.


          Dear Moctor,

          Sorry you were struck by lightning, but at least your death was quick.

          Welcome to the world of ghosts!



"Death? I'm not dead. Lightning hit the rod, not me. And how did you know my name was, I mean is, Moctor?  I said it was Nate." Sweat beaded on his forehead and he brushed it away.


Amarilla started laughing, but stopped as a grin flashed across Moctor's face.


"Mr. Hornbuckle's lecture on ghosts last week -- ghosts can't sweat," said Moctor. "You're just messing with me. Great joke. Now, how did you know my name?"


"To write The Book of All Things I need to know all things," she said.


"The book is a hundred years old. I wasn't even alive when you wrote it."


"Correction," said Amarilla, "I started writing it then. Now, hold out your hand. I have something you really do want." She held out an intricately designed key.


She placed the key on his palm. He stared at it for a moment and looking up. Amarilla had vanished.









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Anonymous said

at 8:49 pm on Mar 29, 2007

Hopefully I have moved the story forward (at least a little). Looking forward to see what changes you make and how the story continues.

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